Friday, October 12, 2007

Too Perfect?

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I've thought for a while about doing caricatures of all the important presidential candidates for some time and I'm finally getting around to doing it. I've decided to start off with Mitt Romney for a couple of reasons. He and I share faiths and he's still my top pick. I, like many Mormons, have had high hopes for the guy, and still do. That said, my faith in him has been shaken but that's just because the picture perfect image you have in your head of someone is never accurate. Still, I think he's my favorite candidate, despite his apparent flip flop (in the right direction mind you) on abortion and gay marriage, though I don't think it's that cut and dry. Not many people know that Ronald Reagan, as governor of California signed bills which were pro-choice, yet he is held as the model of what a republican president should be by most conservatives. Even Ronald Reagan wasn't "Ronald Reagan" at one point.

So why the angelic depiction? Mitt has an image problem. A very strange one in fact. One of his major problems is that he appears too perfect for the average voter to relate to. He appears to have a good marriage, great kids (heck, they're campaigning for him), he's been extremely successful and his worse "scandal" was that he rode with his dog on the roof of his car on a vacation one time. It is ironic that with all the past scandals with past presidents, it's almost like the public needs to see that the president is like them.

This is not his only issue but it is a major one and I'm not sure he should get over it. It is ironic also that my next victim, Rudy Giuliani, faces the opposite problem, that of one with a poor public perception of his family life so perhaps a good one isn't all that bad.


Chris said...

I remember having a conversation with my mother, where I asked her, "which republican candidate would you most like to see nominated?"

She ended up going with Thompson and when I asked her about her opinions on Mitt, she replied pretty quickly, "He's just too perfect."

I tend to agree with that description as well. Not to mention, despite me sharing VERY similar views Mitt on a number of issues, he still troubles me. Such as, when he lied about his hunting history. Personally, I could care less if the guy hunts as I'm not to fond of the sport myself.. however, it still leaves me with the same conflicting question when it comes to the bigger more important issues:

"If you could lie about hunting, what else could you be lying about?"

Justin and Kim said...

This is great Jeremy...I am definitely looking forward to seeing the other candidates characturized--what a great "charater" Hillary Clinton will make! Keep it coming.

rishubhav said...

I think that the word I'd best use to describe Romney would be "slick".

Just looking at his face while he's talking, he seems to me almost like an actor or a salesman giving a sales call.

This leads to him seeming almost like he's trying too hard to get votes, which combined with his lie as chris pointed out makes him look rather shady.

Love the artwork though. Keep 'em coming!

Jeremy Robinson said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Now I know people are "tooning" in :P. Keep em coming... oh that's what I'm supposed to be doing...

Somerset Dave said...

Loving the drawings mate, keep up the good work! :)