Saturday, December 29, 2007

Treading Water

Updated: Didn't have any time for commentary before so here goes. Well things look much different since my post about Obama. It seems that was about the turning point of his campaign and now he's giving Clinton a run for her money. Hey, that's politics. I actually think that Hillary would not be the landslide that the media has predicted. She has a lot of baggage and if I were her republican rival, I'd honestly rather be up against her than Obama. I actually think both can be beaten if the right republican is chosen and his campaign plays it right. She will constantly be in the shadow of her husband, who ironically is the only reason she has a chance at running.

She's actually not bad on national security issues, though pre-primary she's been rather elusive, if not inconsistent about her positions and the right will try and point this out until November. I think the left gives her too much credit.

The primaries are almost here and it's gonna be close for both parties:


alise said...

Cool blog Jeremy!! Now if we can only get Wendi going... Hope to see you guys soon!

Jeremy Robinson said...

Thanks Alise. I've been trying to convince Wendi to start one for months. Maybe it can be a New Year's resolution :P.

The man called Anne said...

Hi Jerm,

I have used the hillary pic on my blog


Jeremy Robinson said...

Thank you sir. I'm glad you like them enough to use them.