Thursday, January 3, 2008

In His Sights

Mike Huckabee is one of those candidates you probably would have thought nothing of in the early, and even summer debates, one of the nobodies running for president. He may still have very slim chances at winning the nomination but I don't think anybody could call him a nobody now. With relatively little money, he is giving the guy who's outspent all the republicans, Mitt Romney a run for his.

Populist Message Gets Louder
As Iowa Caucuses Kick Off Race

"A decisive loss for Mr. Romney or Sen. Clinton in Iowa could reshuffle the preferences of voters elsewhere, and upend both candidates' strategies of riding to the nomination on the energy of early victories."

He has a populist message which resonates with many these days. He's also the guy who put the "Fair Tax" out there, which is a national sales tax to replace the IRS and Income tax system. He's much more moderate on Fiscal issues and perhaps his folksy demeanor will be an asset if he does end up with the nomination and is up against Hillary. Perhaps his most important asset is one of his endorsements:

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