Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Yesterday, John McCain won the New Hampshire Primary which gave him a boost in the arm. Michael Medved made a point that with all the hype of an Obama victory, all the independents decided to give McCain a boost in the arm. New Hampshire allows independents to pick from republican or democratic (or any other party theoretically) ballots.

John McCain is known as being a maverick. He does things his way and doesn't care if it goes against the party line. He is for the war and a staunch supporter of the surge but he was extremely critical of the way the war was being waged under Rumsfeld. There is a freshness to this kind of position taking in that he bucks the trend, even if it makes him unpopular... and it has indeed, at least among republicans. He's supported several bills which are thought to be much more in line with the democrats with regards to campaign funding and immigration so he's kind of a mixed bag for conservatives. Being moderate though may mean he could have a chance in the general election if he makes it. He's a no nonsense kind of guy and that may end up giving him an edge in the end.

His age will definately be a factor at 71 but he doesn't act old at least. Definately an honorable man and I wouldn't hesitate pulling the lever for him if it came down to it.

FOX News Poll: McCain Takes the Lead in South Carolina GOP Primary

UPDATE 1/15/08: McCain Moves Into Lead


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