Friday, January 7, 2011

Goodbye Robert Anae

The truth is I'm not a big BYU fan... or a big U of U fan... or a fan of college football in general... or for that matter a fan of football in general... but, in my neighborhood is an assistant athletic trainer for football and baseball at BYU. From what I understand, this means he fixes you if you're an athelete in these sports at BYU.

A few years ago, I twisted up my ankle reeeaaallly bad and at a time I didn't have insurance. He sort of helped me out. Less long ago he came to me asking if I could do a characature of Robert Anae, the then Offensive Coordinator for BYU football, and they were going to put it on a t-shirt as a kind of prank or something (my memory is going already). I could not decline this, given the help he gave me... and in the end I got some pretty cool merchandise out of it. When I finished, I thought I'd put some color on it and put it up here when I get a chance.

Last week I heard of Anae resigning at BYU and thought, well now or never. I'm a week late but these things take time when you have to make money for a living. He'll be heading over to the AZ Wildcats where he'll be the co-offensive coordinator.

Philidelphia sports anchor, Vai Sikahema wrote this tribute to his friend Anae:

The Robert Anae you may not know

I usually have quite a lot of reference when I'm doing a caricature but for some reason the images are somewhat sparse for him. There are images online but they're action shots for the most part or portraits, neither of which give a good view of him three dementionally. There is one video I found which was extremely helpful but he looks a bit different than in the photos. This is a combination of the two looks. Having never seen him before, I hope this looks something like the guy. At very least, it's an excuse to get my blog going again in 2011!


wendipooh13 said...

lookin good!!!! glad to see you back in the bloggin world!!!

Justin and Kim said...

haha! the other day i saw your blog listed on my google reader and thought "i wish jeremy would start his blog back up again." wow, i've got some powerful wishes! what's next? anywho, welcome back!